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Has any one else got this same PROBLEM ?????? - Gay Guys! <3

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On all Discussion`s,on here,i alway`s Leave the FOLLOW sighn up all the time.

My problem is,that the Site only inform`s me, of the first two or three, Replies
from the sites Discussion Pages, ( what i am on, that is ) to my Lap Top,here.

After the first two or three the site then stop`s informing me of any more Replies. even when i have got the FOLLOW sighn lite up.

Has any one else,got this same thing,Happening to them, ????... lol.


tommy you have to click on the follow sign, and make sure, and log on any time you can and comment, but sometimes if your using a laptop it starts to run slow, because memory is high, you may be saving to many emails, delete them as you view convo's
Also if posting and click comment, give it a moment, just pause, and then click.
hope this helps.


Thank`s Allan,it has helped a lot,thank you.
I am also haveing some Feed back to me, saying that this Discussion is out
there 5 time`s, but the thing is Allan, i have just posted just the once,and not 5, ??
What would you say,what`s going on, ??.



well tommy i saw a triple posting and thought that what i said was how the multi-posts happened, if any are logging on here and post a discussion, just wait a moment when finished typing, and then post it, and it should work okay, its like a time delayed message from mars.


Tommy thid discussion was posted 12 times...Message me if you are having problems..


I want to thank,you Allan,and You Michael.
What i think i will do,is,to Post another discussion.but this time,just tap it in the
once, and then see what happen`s, ( this is what i did last time )

If i get the same thing happen to this New post,then i will Message you Michael ,
to ask you for a possible Sallusion. lol.