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Please read Corrective Rape! - Love and Romance

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Wow, talk about not being informed about what is going on in Africa. But then how often do we get off our asses and make sure we are accounted for in the lbgt community. Make sure our voices our heard and we are noticed and that are rights are not taken away? We just want to live our lives and let the activist take the march, right? Why not do something once in a while. Dont be ignortant when they may take away your rights if you dont act out for your own rights. Lesbian woman are raped because lesbians are seen there. Dont stick your head in the sand. Be aware. Be active.


I love the way you write. This blog made me rethink what I do for the LGBT community. If not for this blog I would have never had any idea of "corrective rape".

Men... unbelieveable that they were unable to evolve all the way - mentally. Personally, I blame not only culture but religion. Those hateful books that people idolatrize that portrays us women as property. Yes, I blame culture, religion, and most of all the imaginary friend.....a.k.a "the man in the sky".