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How do you say "I'm sorry"? - Gay Guys! <3

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I hurt someone the other week (emotionally I mean). He was my best friend and we live to gether and I thought that we were really close but he's not speaking to me now so we clearly weren't as close as I thought.

What happened was that we when out clubbing and he got absolutely trashed about an hour and a half after we got there and I ended up just finding him outside with his head in his hands muttering some shit. I asked if he wanted to go home and he said ye but wanted me to go find his sort-of-ish girlfriend before we left. Now I had only seen her once that night so I had no idea where to start looking, but like a good friend I went looking for here while detouring to the bar to get him a bottle of water.

I didn't find her and went back to my friend. after telling him that I didnt know where she was I suggested that we left anyway and carried him out the club and into a taxi.

To cut a long story shortish, I then stayed up with him while he was in the bathroom throwing up and the passed out on the floor, picked him up, and carried him to his room and threw him on his bed. Now at this point I am so drunk and exhausted that I just lye next to him on his bed for what feels like a few seconds. The next thing I know he is going mad at me, hitting me and breaking things around the house at random.
This is where our house-mates come flying down the stairs pull him off me (bearing in mind these are three very short girls) and till me to go for my own safety. I'm not battered and bleeding and drunk driving at around 50mph and 4 in the morning. Its only when I pull over that i realise that my hand is now 3x the size it was earlier and go to the hospital to get it x-rayed. when I get back at 12 pm he's gone and I don't see him till the next week.

I didnit do anything while in his bed but I think him being straight and waking up and seeing me in his bed, made him think that something happened. Iv tried texting him and telling him what actually happened but he doesn't reply. he has been in the house for the last two nights but hasn't said a word to me.

I'm not sure if I should just apologise for something I haven't done, making him think that something did happen otherwise why am I apologising, or just ignore him completely and loose one of the only close male friends I have.

This has basically just turn into a massive rant but if anyone has any suggestions/opinions/comments I would love to hear them as at the moment I am heartbroken and clueless as to what to do.
Thanks for reading.


Tell him you're sorry for being a nice and supportive friend.


Tell him you're sorry for being a nice and supportive friend.
and that you were just trying to be there and help him
if he needed


If your so called friend really thinks you would take advantage of him, after all you did to help him, he is not the friend you thought!


tell him that you are sorry for staying with him when he was drunk and that you thought he did not need to be left alone cause you were worried about his own safety


Print out what you have said here and put it on he pillow. If he is truly a best friend he will realize he is making a complete ass of himself and want to make ammends, If not it is HIS loss. Move on and put him in the rear view mirror. You did all you could. I think he is insecure with himself and can't deal with some feelings he has. He may also be so upset with himself he can't face telling you..
Good Luck


I agree with all of the comments above...