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help - Gay Guys! <3

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how do u meand a broken heart help with this one please


you go out get a couple of drinks then you get over the hang over then you get on your feet and start seeing other people for sex and once that gets old then you can start dateing other people Phillip


I am sorry to here of your Broken Heart. I emperthise with you vary much.

At the moment,you must be Feeling vary,Hurt,upset,and angry.
If you can Philip.go into a Room all by your self,and allow,all your Feeling`s to
over flow into alot of Crying. After a while of this, it should make you feel
Slightly better,within your self.
By asking for our help on here,Philip.you have done the right thing.


phillip thats one way, but first try and examine what you went through and the reasons that your relationship ended up broken, and get over it, and dont take that baggage on to your next relationship, its not the new persons fault, and you dont want to poison any new relationship or lover you may find.
As homer says, have a few drinks, and then get on with your life, its not over yet.
And just enjoy life, being single can be fun too, however lonely one may feel, no-one there to tell you you cant do this or that, freedom to do what you want, it can be fun.


Phillip I deleted the other post because you posted the same discussion to many times...


If you want to get over someone go and have a few drinks and have a good cry and talk to some friends and see if you can't get your feet back on the ground then start going out again.