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Last time by the journey of Angels
When they took you to some far off land.
If only I could have gone with you
And lay down before the first born King.

I would have begged Him to let you stay
Where you are there no tears are shed
In the moonless starlit skies above
Where the Angels sing in chorus.

If I could be where you are so far away
I live with the memory of your kind face.
Last time by the ocean blue I cry hard
Wishing to go where you dwell with the Angels.

But now the journey of the Angels
On a narrow path you go along.
They hold thy hand so close in theirs
And take you to the first Born King.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So far i don`t think,i have read a single thing of your`s,what i have not Liked
yet. lol.


Hi Tommy, thanks so much. I do try and put my heart and soul into my poems and books. Thanks again, Laura xox


Yes,Laura,you just carry on as you are doing,now,and i think that you will be ok.
The trick is i think,is, what ever you do. don`t let any one,Steel you Dream`s from you. Tommy, xx


Hi Tommy, you're right about that. Lots of relatives and so called friends tired to kill my dreams,but srtill keep going.. writitng.,singing, drawing.just one of my many talents. Thanks for reading, Laura xoxo

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