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Last Time By Moonlight - Poetry Group

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The heavens that shine above
Way up on high where Angels fly.
Last time by Moonlight I saw you
Dancing with the stars in the painted skies.

I hear the birds' calling in joyous music
Last time by sunlight crying so hard.
Way up above flying with the Angels
Where your destiny now dwell in Paradise.

I long to catch one glimpse of your face
And paint the blue sky beside you.
I hear the birds' calling in joyous song
And listen to the rivers' flow in rapturous song.

I'll always remember the love we shared
And never forget along this lonely journey.
If I could be where you are this night
And catch your face in the morning mist.

Last time by Moonlight where the skies shine
I'll always search for your kind face in its clouds.
And wait with patience here with sadness
Watching for a sign of your presence.

By starlight and by moonlight I'll watch for you
And miss you always in this earthly plight.
And never forget the love and friendship we shared
Even until the last by Moonlight does forget to rise.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yes it is vary nice. When i read it,i get that same feeling what i used to
get,for when i was a small child. It remind`s me of a happy care free happy
time. lol.

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