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White Rose of Betrothal - Poetry Group

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OH, come, my darling, or go my way,
And love me like nobody else has.
I hardly hear the bedroom shut,
Or the knock upon my door.

Oh, bring me thy gifts or beg me,
And wed me if you surely will!
I'd make you an honest wife,
I'll be sensible and still.

And why should I be lonely here,
And why should you be repine.
Because I love thy beautiful face,
That shall surely be mine this day.

I might as well be teasing you.
As I lie alone in bed this night.
Let's waste not the night in wanting,
How cruel its dark head watches.

You might as well be calling me,
Whatever will you be only mine?
And let us begin our happy life,
There's a few like us as it is.



My poems all sit upon the shelf
I write of life, you, myself
The other guy living down the street
Might think this stuff is pretty neat
But he doesn't live it (I do)
And, if you think, so do you

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