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A Halloween Tale - Poetry Group

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Come let me tell you a strange and exotic tale,
Of dark sensuality and underlying fear of love.
The park was empty, even though dark had settled,
Swings and monkey bars, light rain soaked seats.

Watch the Bonnie Belle faced girl sitting there,
Wearing flavored lip gloss and sweet shampoo.
Smell the cooking odors from nearby homes,
Chalk dust from classrooms, disinfectant her face.

Deeper still, the musky, mushroom scent of locker room,
Others unwashed, clearly dominate the quiet gloom.
And the girls, the girls around the park,
Their intimate aromas almost made her salivate.

Had their scent aroused such fury within her?
Now, in this playground, where she was physically ill.
She knew the others wouldn't be out after dark,
Rising from the sandbox edge, she began to run.

A streak of muted gold which was the dancer's hair,
A flash of trench coat, whipped through the air.
Immersed, once again, in the sky, she was unaware,
A lonely looking creature, watched her nearby.

The park wasn't empty, even though it was dark,
Floodlights illuminated the abandoned house.
A light rain soaked everything in sight,
As the vampiress watched in devilish delight.

The dancer had come to visit, unconscious of her love,
At night she came like an errant stars, hunger insatiable.
How often had she become physically ill,
After each nightly visit of amorous kisses.



I am a new to the Poetry group.
I have read your Halloween Tale, and i thought it to be good. lol.

As i get used to this Group,then you will get more Feed back off me, lol.


Hi Tommy, thanks again for reading, Laura xox