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A Tribute to Friends in San Francisco !! - Your WRITES

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Whenever I find a new group to be part of , I like to pay tribute to my friends who did not make it during the first part of Aids in San Francisco . We had a great time sharing two flats in a Victorian House on upper Castro Street . About 4 blocks from Market St. Near Divisadero ! There were always people visiting us and many parties . The building was on a side of a hill and the back balcony looked out over the City . Early in the morning in the summertime we would be getting in from a party and we would have our coffee out there and listen to the City awakening . It was magic. here are some of my closest friends who did not make it :
John Stewart-Munn from South Afrika
Mike Barnes : from New York
Tinker Bell : from California
Franz Joseph : Austria
Aaron Jinks : Israel
Bye guys it was a pleasure knowing yuh!! This was in 1960 -1967. Most died in the 80's. a
And a special embrace to Corrine Friedman of N.Y who might still be with us.


There should always be time in our lives to remember good times past and good friends who are with us no more. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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