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look forward and carry on poem - Poetry Group

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i look bak upon my life
upon this sharpe knife

my dreams wer empty
and loose

lonely times i may have
sad times i may purses

i feel these feelings with a clue of my dreaming
it may be seeming coming undone
lost thought triggered like a gun
wat hav i done
in this so called life

faded down to the very end
lost in the ned of my soul
now thers a big black hole
where my heart used to be
plz someone set me free

i sit here alone and in solomn
writing these poems in colums

angar around my eyes and thighs my fists r tence
and my lungs r denced

im here alone
hours alone
i sit here and i moan

i must wake from this illusion of pain
dont go bak to being insane

look forward and carry on
singing these songs