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How Would You Feel??? - Gay Guys! <3

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this topic actually comes from an event that happened a while back ago...ok so my friend Nyque...(pronounced Nike as in the shoe...lol)...calls me saying she was upset with her friend Daniel...because he won't stop saying how her younger sister Nicole is so cute and he's in love with her and blah blah blah...even tho Nicole was totally not interested in him...but i guess Nyque was a little interested in Daniel...anywho so we're gathered outside my house in Daniel car having this discussion...and all of a sudden they asked me who do i think is right or wrong in this situation...now in my case...i've had friend check out my brother...as long as it's look but don't touch or mess with him...it's ok with me cuz i know he's not gay...and some jokes are fine...as long as they're not all the time...but i see how it would get frustrated when you want someone to notice you and all he/she can see is your sibling...so now i ask you guys that have siblings...how would you feel if you were in that situation???...


Pretty bummed .... But id try to move on never let yourself get trapped in the sidelines trying to cheer loud enough to get this persons attention ... Been there done that just hurt yourself in the long run...


Well my friend i myself have been in that situation and its not fun all. I got mad, jealous, and everything in between.


she likes him but dose he like her? mabye he just wasts to be friends with her nothing more, she need to let him know how she feels and if it is rejected by him she needs to move on and ypu neverr said how old her sister is she may be too young for him just becuse we like someone dont mean thay will like us in the same way one can feel hurt angrey and upset all thay want but if the feeling is not there than there is nothing you can do except move on


If you can,stay in the middle of thing`s and don`t take any of the sides. lol.Tommy,xxx


if i meet some one who likes my sister or brother, then i have to say that they are not for me


well this happened a while ago...so any advice for this is really unnecessary...cuz this situation is over...but well her sister is 21...and at the time of this discussion she 19 and i forget if Daniel was our age or younger...and at that time we were 23...but this was just a curiosity of mine to see what others thought of the situation and how would they handle it...lucky for me my brother is straight...so any gay guy interested in him is wasting his time...lol...but i don't have that problem...but if that was me i'd make it clear that my brother isn't gay...and well he's not a complete homophobe...but if he starts feeling uncomfortable...there will be problems...so my advice would be...don't mess with my brother...lol...besides if in the hypothetical case that my brother would be gay...and he showed interests in one of my friends...i'd be against it...for the reason that i don't to risk my close friendships for anything...if i wasn't willing to risk it myself...i wouldn't allow it to get between my family and best friends either...