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A Letter To My aunt Debz who has cancer - Your WRITES

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A Letter To My Auntie Debz
Sunday, 19th February 2012
Dear Deborah,
Hello Debz... This is Jason here and I've decided to write you a letter for a change since I've heard at the moment that you've been unwell but that isn't why I decided to begin this letter. I want to do this so I can show you how positive life can be, even through times of difficulty. It's been said that things can only get hard before it gets better! I'll give you an example in what I mean...
From experience; I once was careless about road accidents and safety rules until an accident happened to me which made me see how lucky I am to not have been injured or seriously damaged or even hurt. I once was bringing my dog Patch out for a walk on a nice sunny day a few months back, and I was listening to my music through my earphones and I didn't follow my instinct about the consequences of what might happen, and what yet was going to happen. I spoke to this nun who gets on very well with the family and I took the strap lead off the dog for a moment as I trusted she wouldn't sprint away as she never done so before when we were out on our usual walks in the evenings. But anyway, after my conversation ended with the nun, she left and I looked around for Patch as she was nowhere to be seen! But just then she sprinted down right my me through the Back Avenue direction down the hill towards the Sports Complex, so I ran after her quickly as she went by the Sports Complex building near a turn in the pathway and as she rushed across the road like a speeding greyhound, I ran after her without thinking as music by Celine Dion played in my ears. It all happened so fast it was like a dream! I never suspected a car to rage around the corner after me in full speed and hit me in almost seconds after I stepped out from the footpath... But it did, and I was in that much shock that I didn't even feel anything; no injury or pain but just a bruise on my backside that I discovered later. From the angle of where the car hit me, I just went up into the air and landed right back on the ground road, facing the sky. Thankfully the driver pulled his brakes and helped to drive me home, and I apologized for my foolish behaviour over my dog's sprint across the road, when really I should have been concentrating on the importance of safety rules regarding the road crossings. Those few seconds of shock felt like hours of drifting thoughts. I just couldn't let this crash win me over, I had to get through this and use all my will power to get back on my feet and away from the road. I couldn't ever let this crash defeat me emotionally neither mentally. It may have affected me physically in ways for a while but as each day passed I seen that there was one day less of this bruise that became the size of a balloon. Can you imagine how embarrassing that made me feel?! To walk around with a bottom the size of an air balloon and couldn't sit properly without feeling even more pain on top of that embarrassment. Of course people didn't notice this because I wouldn't leave the house or tell anyone but it personally embarrassed me to the whit's.
What I mean by telling you all this, is that we all go through moments of pain and despair, but it's learning to become stronger that truly matters and counts out of the whole experience. I know that it mightn't always be easy to do this as finding solutions to the unexplained is never simple to do but it can be solved through positive outlooks and powerful strength and courage.
Always think of the beauty that remains, never the bad experiences that come and fade through your time. Always believe that goodness, love and support can win against all hate and death because even when it's all our time to let go of this life, the love and guidance is never ever forgotten but forever there in each other's heart because even when we're all gone through this century, more good people will be coming along and grow and share the same moments of emotions as we all once did, but in a different atmosphere and era of course. Always think of what's yet to be grateful for; not fame or wealth, but a bond between families and loved ones as it shows that all these fortunate things will never ever let you down as they will always exist as far as we know it.
Believe me, Deborah, you've been making true success in your life... You've found a family of your own and have kids and they all love you so much and will always respect your role as a mother and a singer for fun. I think you're very talented with singing and music, and it's a great place to go to release feelings of truth and longings of passion. Never let go of these talents or self expressions when they reach out to you with all kinds of possibilities, but take it all as a goal and embrace it gradually bit by bit, and always keep your deepest feelings for yourself because sometimes a part of you can only be expressed through your own innermost feelings, which only you can know and no one else. Live life like no tomorrow as this is the way we all should live because we truly never know what lies ahead!
I know at the moment it isn't always easy for you to see life in such a succeeding way, and I can understand that completely as having to deal with cancer above all can be upsetting and difficult, but believe me Deborah, You are even stronger than this phase of a burden! You always have been strong and courageous and never once thought of only yourself but for the ones you love and care for, I've seen this through your strength and honesty. Know in your heart that all our family are praying and hoping you well in all this position you are going through but know deep down that not even cancer can defeat you because you're that much of a brave and believable person to get through it undefeated. Know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers through the days and nights that will forever go by... We all love you so much as we are loyal to having such an inspirational friend and relative in our surrounding family. Yes... That's exactly what you are; an inspiration to those who are sad, because when they have your friendship and connection in life, their sure to find real hope and seek true goodness. You're singing with your guitar, you're blissful smile, you're elegant mind and you're blossoming personality has kept us all so cheerful and alive. You are many of the reasons in why I'm appreciating the change in my Mother lately because whenever she had her moments of weakness or of shortcomings; You were always there for her and gave guidance and help, and I want to personally thank you for that because we all wouldn't be the way we are if it wasn't for you and your patience at mind to do all this without regret. You are everything a person needs in a family and even more, and for that you're a true inspiration to us all.
This is what makes you who you are as a person; as your Deborah Mills, a woman with dignity and self-belief in getting through all the odds and times to come.
I do hope you reply or write back soon whenever you can.
From your young nephew,


U know Jason , ur letters always got me into tears n m sure ur Aunt feels blissful too that she got a loving nephew. I m sure whatever strength or love that u going to give her , now or future , she can feel u Jason.


awww Thank you so much Ella that makes me feel so much better that you said that thank you, your a true friend!

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