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Can you please tell me why
why everytime you call me i answere
why everytime u think of me
i think of u too
and why every morning when i wake
behind my eyelids is still a picture of u
as if u had stayed
how about why when i cry
my nose gets so stuffy
but for a moment i think i can smell u
and i stop crying
cuz for a moment there was nothing to cry about
and there was nothing left to lie about
to pretend to feel nothing is foolish
but how foolish can it be when im the only fool
foolishly fooling myself about you and me
ill never ask and i bet you'll never tell
but i was your true love
and so when u call.. ill answere
im always waiting on your call


would you remember me

If we saw each other tomorrow
or perhaps in another lifetime or place
would you remember me
would you remember my name, my face
Could it be the same
start over the way we once were
or would that be an impossibility
am I to take all the blame
I like to believe we could start over
forget our differences and forgive our trespasses
as we would want others to forgive us
or is this all just a nightmare I shall never awaken from
Don't judge me until you have walked a mile in my shoes
don't try to make me something you want me to be
but accept me for who I am
that's all I ask of you.
So I ask of you
would you remember me
if we were to see each other tomorrow
or perhaps in another lifetime...my lover
my reason for living, my soulmate

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