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everytime i see ur pretty face... song - Your WRITES

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chorus.....everytime i see ur pretty little face
makes me wonna get up and say hello to grace.
ur my world
ur my girl.

but now time catches up with us
plz dont show me the way to the loney door.


i have to be so sure
wat im fighting for
now leave me ur smile and i be bak in a while


soooo i so pose this is our good bye
but dont feel sad coz im right by yourside.
ther is no need to hide
coz our friendship never collides
coz wer r very strong they cant tell us we doo soo wrongg


we will be friend till the end of time
and i know we wernt never a crime
so grab ur breakfast and goo grab my lime

coz this time is for the both of us
so be proud and happy coz we have the both of us

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