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my friend - Your WRITES

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im sorry for not being ther for you
im sorry so sorry that i was selfish inside
i had to coz i wonna to hide

plz dont say good bye
plz dont stand ther and cry

help me believe in this pain
coz im going slightly insane

look into my eyes
then u relise
than im still human
with out the corz of being hated

plz give me this wish
on not failing
as im sailing into my sub conciours mind
i will find u again
in that lost soul of yours

plz dont go crazy and lay ther and die
i maybe shy
i maybe nigh
but i do love u

u loved me too
ur my best friend
who crys everyday with pain and fear

i give u my tear to love and cherish
i be ther for u to lean on and cuddle
we will make a hudle of love with u and the dogs
i be here wen the sun goes down
we nur sad and have a frown

wen thers no one else look inside ur heart
then we will never be apart
guide u thru thick and thin
we will win
we will win