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song - Your WRITES

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chorus.....leave me be
then i can see
the horrid of joy in my eyes
as i sit here in bed and cry

the demons in my faces
leaveout the rest oft these graces
pacing in my mind
am i lost can i be found

singing tears of joy
lost thought like a lost toy

the ghost of myself
with all these ill health

tender in my heart
can i part from my soul
lost deep down this dark hole

wait for this pain to stop
shes my friend
oh yeahhh
oh yeahhh
shys my friend shes my friend
ohh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh
now i have to step up from this colition course
with will and force
shes my friend ohh yeahhh
shes my friend ohh yeahhh

loveis all around my era
but i do fear her
ohh whyy
i sit and cryy
ohh whyyy
plzzz helppp
i have to be brave in this cave
all alone with no place to go
oh i need to see this person to heal me
and let me be free

shes my friend ohhh yeahhh
she my friend ohh yeahhh

she my life
she myyyy
she myyy
oh my
i sit here
and believe i can achieve
and succeeed
ohh eayhhhh ohhh yeahhh

shes my friendddd
ohh yeahhhh
ohhh yeahhh

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