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song/poem - Your WRITES

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why does she have to go
why cant he take me
i dont mind plz take me insted of her
why do i have to see
these things in me.

all around leaves and trees
lowered down to my achein knees
dont take i plz i plz
take the lost soul of defeated me

why does she have to go
why cant he take me
now im here in fear of a life
now im here with a thought of a knife

sweet sound of inercent laughter and smiles
but not for all coz i will now fall
shall i be not the baddy of my sin of im gladly

she is a lovely women who smiled at me
she help me see wat i could be.

now shes in a dying bed
and i remember wat karen said
i dont want my mum to be dead

how can i help her go thru this pain
as im the one dying in shame
i have to come frth and take my wings
and sing to her and lift her up
into the night sky
and dont tell her no lies
just m and her it and cries/


Dear Amber :

I wanna compliment on ur work but It's not about compliment now. Amber , no girls will want their mothers to die or see deaths .. Of course not even Karen. The only thing that u can always help her or whoever , JUST BE THERE !! N give her ur strength b/c Karen needs ur strength now Amber ..


This poem is really REALLY good, its also incredibly sad

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