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Ode to my brain from my broken heart - Poetry Group

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We had to write this in class today in 10 minutes Its way out of my style though

Ode to my brain from my broken heart
I try to keep you protected,
It's the least I can do. Sometimes
I fail, but you have to know I really
try to keep things sewn together.
I set you up for failure; break myself
into tiny pieces, but you manage
to pull through and survive. You do
it everytime without a doubt. No
matter how hot the fire burns, or
how quickly it turns to ashes, you
pick up the scattered pieces.
Your unconditional love and
ever giving patience shines light
in the darkest corners of hell.
Without you, I'd be the town
fool; strung up for the world
to ridicule and torment.
I've felt the sands of time grind
against my body, leaving me raw,
beaten, broken and forever damaged.
I've fallen off the cliff, my finger nails
bleeding trying to grip onto life with
every ounce of strength I had left and
there you were. You pulled me from
what seemed like sure death. You've
always been there, and there is no
doubt in my mind that you never leave
me. You'll be the one person I can count on.
Forever and always; my best friend.


yea- it would be nice to have someone who we could always count on but that is wishful thinking. It also sets us up for disappointment.
I like the way you wrote it

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