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Anxiety Issues... - Gay Guys! <3

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Yes, sadly, I have anxiety, that is now looking to be a tad bit difficult to control and keep under raps. However, at the same time, I do not have insurance and nor can I afford any. :\

In the mean time? All I can do, is sit and wait. Hopefully I wont wind up having a nervous break down, which is likely going to happen at this rate that I'm going.
Even physical problems are starting to pop up. What the hell?!

I mean, what 22 year old has back and knee trouble?! A doctor told me that the only reason why my knees hurt, are caused by, "Growing pains". I was 17 when I was told that!

Obviously, it isn't growing pains, other wise I would've quit hurting by now.

I was diagnosed with panic attacks/anxiety disorder, when I was 20, at my local hospital.

If I had insurance, plus a good paying job, I wouldn't be here today, blogging about it, and would be taking action to fix my problems. I'm just tired of fighting with all my pain and dismay.

It's just a tad bit ridiculous that at my age, I'm hurting, when I shouldn't be...


Hi Kyle...............if you have an osteopath nearby I would truly suggest that you pay them a visit. They are very cheap in the UK but do not know about prices in Ohio - or any other place in the USA. I swear by them.


Hey Kyle,

It takes bravy and guts to talk about anxiety and such. I am 50 and have had depression andd anxiety since age25. Is there a mental health center in your town? Panic dis order is best treated with edication and talk therapy. I am also a therapist (unlicensed) so I have been around a variety of people.Panc/anxiety can occur at any time. Some things trigger aniety attacks. Some of a panic disorder can be biocheical otherwise talk therapy, alone, might work. I am in the best mental health ever. I take Cloazepam, Amytriptaline and Seroquel. You are not alone. I had no money years ago or insurance so I was helped by other assistance.

Hang in there!





kyles cute hope u get it done and have control over it


I know what ya mean. Anxiety partially ruined my news years eve.


I agree with David, But at the same Time,the doctor`s say,that if you, you take
Long.Slow,and Deep,breathing excercises at time of you Feeling Anxous,then
that should help you,by Easing the over facecing feeling of Sress,and Panic. lol.


I am told that meditation helps a lot. Yes, you are too young for the physical problems you are having!

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