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Gay Author Sues Bible Publisher for Discriminating Against Gays - The Gay Christian Network

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Michigan author, B.L.Fowler is no ordinary Christian. Instead, this openly gay journeyman has traveled extensively; sharing a phenomenal story about the challenges Professor Brad Stanley has endured while fighting the Bible committee for equality. But the church refuses to follow its own creed; and because of this, countless men and women have been ostracized, ridiculed, and even beaten, in some instances. And for some god forsaken reason, countless more church followers refuse to allow the truth be told. This and more continues to hold more than a million Christians in bondage; unable to attain the richness of freedom and love God promises all. Learn more about this gay characters quest to attain freedom in a religious and homophobic world; in the riveting new fiction novel, developed to inspire and entertain. Read Professor Stanley Defends The Word of God; now available on Amazon.com
This fiction novel depicts actual theatrical events that transpired when openly, gay author, B.L.Fowler sued three of the leading Bible publishers, in 2008, for discriminating against homosexuals.