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bored why ? when a lot happens on twitter every day? - Gay Guys! <3

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Some on here are finding discussions and activity, not happening and things have become boring, so i will just have to post events from elsewhere as topics for you to discuss.
Mon 20 feb 2012,
On gays.com facebook page, item 1, " L project debuts on official UK independent singles chart @ number 11, thats right mike this is the one you posted last week.
www.pinknews.co.uk now
"Paddy Power game spot the trans lady, a lot of fun at the races, except for the victim.
"Tube Ads in london, "Real men get raped" it is estimated that 8,500 men get raped in london each year.
"Sweden is set to drop sterilisation rule for official trans recognition" a shift of that goverments policy due to online petitions.
www.Queerty.com " Love bombs and the pink platoon" a novel by Ryan Gielen, a mix between sci-fi/military history about a washed up religious general who sees his troops turn gay when an military experiment goes wrong( or right).
There you are guys, chat about that, and also get richard ivers to comment on the book one, and flirt with him, he likes that, ha ha have fun?


I am Lucky,in the fact,that i am never Bored.
But,i find some time,then i will go into,your Reconmention`s, lol, Tommy,xx


wow you must be board cuz even the subjucts you posted seam boring to me


Tachuwe I was thinking the same lol. I will just keep reading the consent form for my op, lol


I remember when I told my mom I was bored she'd say something like, "well you could always read a book or clean your room". I'd disappear out the door and up a tree! lol


If you get bored you must not be wanting to meet people that is what this is to help people and meet friends



sorry all , but i am never bored, when i posted this i was already on season 3 of numbers, now season 4, and when that done will choose from 10,000 films to watch , ha ha

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