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My lover is my muse - Your WRITES

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I seldom write, and only began writing more when i met the love of my life. And as with all relationships, if you want it you have to fight hard for it. She's the reason I write whenever my emotions are too hard to verbalise *cliche*

I'm new here and this is my first real post but I'm very glad to have found a place to share my work/shit and read amazing work of others too. Enjoy and of course, all comments are much appreciated!

Title: Forgotten Stains

i'll sooth your veins
listen to your breathing catch
and your heart jumpstart
while you whisper
about your past lovers
flaying in the wind

but i'll seek you
love you from the inside out
put you on a pedestal
and sing your name
like windchimes
and church bells

i'll watch you fall to slumber
memorize the curve
of your backbones,
and the feeling
of your fingers tucked in my hair
and mine in yours

you're safe here


having to post ur work here , m sure no one will see It as a shit (like what u called It) .. Definitely Im one of them who doesn't take It as a shit when It comes to feelings..


My favorite part " I'll watch you fall to slumber. Memorize the curve of your backbones, spine"


D: why do you call your work shit? This is really REALLY good! And everyone in this group will definitely think the same! Keep posting because you have a good talent for writing ^^


Thank you all for taking the time to read, i really appreciate it!
There are some great writers on here too so feedback is always welcomed. If i do post more again it will be under the same discussion title. Thanks again!