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I found out that my auntie had breast cancer. - Your WRITES

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3rd February 2012
Dear Jay,
Spring has returned with the month of February. I've noticed this more since the start of this season with the brightness in the skies from Wednesday morning when I was walking to school. Even though it was a frosty morning, it made life seem much more alive with the flowers budding, because in winter during December and January the atmosphere had been cold with heavy winds and rain, but since Wednesday everything seems to be coming into place again. When I went to school on Wednesday morning, I only had to go in for a few hours as this was the day of the actual interview for my Social Education task. Most of the students were very nervous at first about being interviewed by some stranger but it wasn't as nerve-wrecking as we expected. The interviewer came to see us all at first to tell us not to be worrying or feeling nervous, and wasn't that the truth because we thought the entire interview would last around twenty minutes or so but really it only lasted around five minutes in the least, but it was the waiting for around thirty minutes that made us think and feel paranoid as the interviewer had to read over each and every one of our research at a time after a person was done. Lucy was the first to be interviewed and we wished her well, and when she came back five minutes later we all looked surprised and asked many questions. Lucy told us that the interviewer asked more questions towards ourselves while doing our projects and research and about why we choose a certain topic. I realized that our teachers were being far too serious about it all. I respect they wanted to give their students a good reputation and a respectful impression about ways in speaking in an interview, but it wasn't at all about the questions we revised for weeks. I was the third student to be interviewed in my class, and I admit there was certain things I couldn't understand from the interviewer but he clarified that for me and I gave more straight forward answers. After the interview we all we're allowed to go home and have the day off Thursday as it was the show which most students in my class participated in at the Hawks Well theatre. On Monday everyone went to the theatre to practise their performances and I was the only one who didn't join so I was allowed to go along and watch them. Two other groups of schools went too. At first when they all started, I had to hold back the laughter as they made so many mistakes and teachers had to stop them nearly all the time, my school weren't the ones who practised as they were all ready and prepared. We all waited out in the foyer most of the day and had chats, and after Lucy and I went around town for an hour we all then went home in the afternoon. On Thursday I had to visit the dentist because I kept getting tooth aches while chewing foods, nanny G and granddad Robbie came along with me. We all waited for a long time that I listened to music and gazed out a near window beside my seating area and seen a big spider climbing it's cobweb that I tried to imagine the little life Spidey had. I done all this because I was that stiff and bored altogether. Anyways when the dentist was finally ready I got a filling, and I've to get two more soon. While the dentist was at his work with my teeth, he told me to raise my hand if I ever felt any major pain, and when I felt terrible pain when he was drilling with my teeth, I quickly raised my whole left arm up into the air, smashing down all the dentist's equipment that was in a tray that fell to the ground accidentally that I had to apologize lots of times in great embarrassment. Finally when the dentist was finished I was glad to leave but I'm dreading the next too appointments that begin next week. Now I've to walk around with a numb jaw which is awful annoying because trying to speak is like talking without a tong. Later that evening at around 8pm I went to the Hawks Well theatre to watch my class perform, but I didn't stay for the whole show because I got a tooth ache which the doctor said would be a side effect of the filling as when the doctor fixed my teeth he put a numbness thing on my tooth to get rid of the pain but he warned me that the numbness would fade away after three hours, and I was at the show after those three hours.
So literally these are the things I've done during the week. Today I didn't really do much because I couldn't sleep last night over the cause of my tooth ache and my uncle Wez listening to music all hours of the night on his laptop and asked me unreasonable questions while I was trying to sleep, such as the time or what day it is. Wez can be annoying but that's just the way he is when he drinks, he doesn't really mean it so it's best to just ignore and not answer silly questions. I went for a walk with nanny and granddad and just slept for an extra few hours during the day. So as you can see I didn't do much but relaxed and went to the cinema with my dad earlier tonight before I decided to write to you.
Yours, Jason Mills
P.S I recently finished reading 'Private Peaceful', and it's a very sad but fantastic story about the true meaning of heroes and cowards.

7th February 2012
At school in the canteen
Dear Jay!
I've some sad news to share today because talking to other family members will just make me cry with all their sensitive ways, so please bare with me... Last week when I was walking to the Hawks Well theatre with my school I seen my uncle Jason and I stopped him and we had a chat for a minute. I explained to him in why I was out with the school and what we were doing, but I laughed when he told me that I should have joined the 'Grease' dance, but he soon agreed when I told him how embarrassing the dance was going so far. But anyway, I asked Jason how the family were keeping and he told me "not great." So I got concerned and asked him why, and uncle Jason told me about aunt Debbie having breast cancer, and this really upset me because I knew aunt Debz wasn't well but I didn't know exactly why but now I do. Aunt Debz has always being a wonderful auntie and also a friend to the family and everyone around her. She's one of those rare people that you don't see in this world every day. She's a beautiful person with a big heart who can always cheer those up who are sad, always full of life and smiling all the time. Loving like a hippie loves nature, Debbie is an inspiration to those who are unhappy because when you have her friendship in life, you're sure to find a real friend who understands and cares. Debbie's life is singing, music and her children, that is what she devotes her life too. And I'm very sure many other young mothers do just the same. Personally, I never realized how wonderful all my uncles and aunts were until I seen that Debbie's unwell. It's such a shame that the best of people fall ill, and it's just not fair because we need more of these kinds of friends. I do hope and pray that Debbie get's better soon, and I'm thinking of writing her a 'get well' letter soon but if not I hope to see her so I can tell her myself. Earlier tonight I went to visit my grandmother Malone and I talked to her about Debbie. From the moment I spoke about Debbie, granny got very upset. I could see that she tried her best not to cry. Granny told me that Debbie has been very strong and is currently getting treatment in the hospital. Granny also told me that Debbie lost her dark beautiful brown hair and is now wearing a wig from the cancer treatment process which looks like her natural hair anyway. We can all only hope that a good outcome comes from all of this but even if it doesn't we must be strong for Debbie because she would have wanted things to be that way! After a chat with granny Malone, she then played music in which Debbie wanted at her funeral. It's so sad that Debbie is making such quick plans but it was a beautiful song that I found heart-warming. I wish I had more words to describe how exactly I feel or how much I care for Debbie but she's always in my thoughts through the days and nights that go by!
Yours, Jason Mills


Hi Jason, I'm sorry about your aunt. I lost my father to abdominal cancer and a cousin to breast cancer and two aunts to cancer as well in the last few years. I'll keep your aunt in my prayers. Laura XOX


Same here .. Sorry to hear about ur Auntie .. I hope she will overcome It Jason..

Take care .....

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