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She rested her head on the table and stared at the drink beside her. A woman was smiling at her. She gracefully rose to her feet and stood watching her. Carmilla's eyes gazed at the blonde's slender figure inside a red dress. She walked across the room, stopping at the far end to send her a wink before walking directly towards her. One hand in her hair, the other on her hip, she stood a few feet away and raised on eyebrow.

"Are you staring at me?"

Carmilla fought back the urge to laugh at the woman. This wasn't a game any longer. It was some sort of secual challenge. Roberta had entered the bar less than ten minutes and she was deliberately displaying her body to her. Why would she do that? She didn't look like a prostitute from down the street.

"You have a nice figure," Carmilla said, "But there are lots of young women here."

The blonde kept her voice soft and cold as she accepted the put down. She had no intention of being intimidated by a young girl.

"How old are you?"

"Old enough," Carmilla said with a chuckle.

"No really, how old are you?" Roberta asked again.

Carmilla studied the woman's expression as she picked up her wine glass, as if trying to decide what to say. After taking a long drink she replaced the glass and, without warning, her hands went below the table to her red silk panties. The blonde's eyes widened in surprise. As she watched her gaze was drawn to those perfect breasts as they bounced and settled.

"Mmm, you're very cute," she said with crooked smile.

"You like me?" Carmilla asked, as she cupped her own breasts in both hands. Her dark eyes didn't move from the blonde's as she rolled them in her palms.

"You are absolutely beautiful," Roberta said blushing hard.

"How old are you?" Carmilla asked.

"I'm twenty-one," Roberta said smiling a little.

"You like my tits?" Carmilla asked.

"I'd like to buy you a drink," Roberta said, sitting down in front of her.

"Some women think my ass is my best feature but others love my tits," Carmilla said with a wicked grin.

The blonde took a few minutes before answering. The woman knew she'd met her match.

"You misunderstood me," Roberta said blushing.

Carmilla's eyes gazed at the blonde's figure. Her breasts bounced before settling inside her red dress. It was impossible to not keep her eyes off the woman's chest.

"I am very interested in you," Roberta said squirming in her seat.

Carmilla felt her breath catch. She was deliberately pushing her buttons and there was only one thing to say.

"Where do you want to go?" Carmilla asked.

Roberta's eyes dropped to her glass and she ran her finger around the inside. It was obvious to where this conversation was heading and Carmilla refused to meet her eyes.

"Would you like me to rent us a room?" She asked timidly.

"I saw you watching me earlier," Carmilla said deliberately.

"You did?" Roberta asked, looking up at her.

Carmilla played dumb but there was a flush on her face.

"How about outside?" Roberta asked, her heart was palpitating.

Carmilla simply smiled and Roberta knew she was dealing with an expert with women.

"I was watching you all the time you spied on me," Roberta calmly responded.

"Really?" Carmilla asked, "I find that very...erotic."

"Erotic?" Roberta asked surprised.

"I could smell you while you watched me." Carmilla answered.

Roberta turned back to her and squirmed in her seat. Her eyes dropped to Carmilla's large breasts in her silk black gown. Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

"You are so gorgeous," Roberta said leaning forward.

"You're not with anyone?" Carmilla asked looking around the dining room.

The question took Roberta by surprise. "Of course not." she whispered.

"That's good. I don't like surprises," Carmilla said grabbing her by the hair.

Roberta felt a prickle of annoyance. How could she convince this young woman she wasn't into experimenting. She had obviously read her mind.

"I want to fuck you," Carmilla said soflty. "And then suck you dry..."

Shock was written all over Roberta's face as she struggled to comprehend the brunette's words.

"You do?" she whispered, tracing the glass with one finger again.

"I want to drink all of you," Carmilla said with a wicked smile.

Roberta's mouth was suddenly parched and she took a sip of the wine to ease the dryness. She could hardly believe what she was hearing.

"Do you want to suck me..dry..now?" She asked smiling a little.

Carmilla paused as she leaned over the table. She ran her fingers across the woman's red material.

"I more than want to do that," she whispered.

"Oh my God, let's get out of here," Roberta said standing up.

"Wait a minute..." Carmilla said stopping to look around the room. The dining room was almost empty. There was only an older couple sitting in one of the corners.

"Please, I-I have to have you-" Roberta said pulling off her glasses.

"Oh, you have green eyes," Carmilla said surprised.

"Does it matter?" Roberta asked, looking down at her.

"No, it doesn't, Roberta," Carmilla said soflty.

"How did you know my name?" Roberta asked surprised.

"Most women can't get enough of my pussy," Carmilla whispered.

Roberta's cheeks began to burn. She felt like masturbating while the brunette talked dirty to her. Thoughts of the time between her and Margaret flooded her mind. The way she used to make her go down on her with just a few words. She could see sex in the gorgeous woman's eyes as she sank in her chair.

"You will like the taste of mine," Carmilla said leaning over the table.

Roberta could feel a fire burning deep inside her pussy. She was worried the older couple would hear them talking dirty.

"Let's go," she said, grabbing Carmilla's hand.

"No, meet me in the alley across the street," Carmilla said softly.

"The alley?" Roberta asked slowly. "It's not...safe..."

"Okay, then just leave me alone," Carmilla said sitting up straight.

"No, don't leave...I'll be there," Roberta said standing up.

"Wait there for me," Carmilla said staring into her eyes.

Roberta paused as she stood there shaking and found her gaze drawn between her thighs.

"Don't worry, it will be okay," Carmilla said with a wink.

The fire seemed to spread deep inside her loins. Roberta felt sure the couple must have seen them.

"Go," Carmilla said taking a sip of her wine.

"I'll be waiting," Roberta said walking towards the front door.

Carmilla slowly rose from her chair, her large breasts swinging as she went across the street. As she went close to the alley she touched the fingertip to her mouth. Roberta went closer to the woman licking her lips.

"We both know what you want, Roberta," Carmilla said softly, "The eyes always give it away."

Roberta moved to the back of the alley, and fixed her gaze on Carmilla's slender figure.

"I want you, too," Carmilla whispered.

Roberta watched spellbound as Carmilla emerged from the darkness. She casually pulled off her black jacket and threw it onto the ground. It struck her that Carmilla's skin was a lighter shade of brown than she'd first thought.

"You want to fuck this vampire?" Carmilla said licking her lips.

"Vampire?" Roberta asked slowly.

Suddenly Carmilla appeared beside her from nowhere, asking if she could help her take off her panties. Roberta didn't know what to say, and just stood there trembling.

"I need you so much," Carmilla whispered into her ear.

"What are you doing?" Roberta asked looking at her.

"Most young virgins can't wait until they taste my pussy. What about you?" Carmilla asked licking her ear.

"I-I want you so badly," Roberta said with a gasp.

"Open them legs," Carmilla commanded.

Roberta widened her legs and put her feet firmly on the ground, giving herself leverage as she lifted up. Her clit responded to the image of Carmilla's naked body filled her mind.

"Yes, you want me, baby," Carmilla said licking her lips.

Roberta's eyes closed as she settled back against the wall. A finger slid inside her panties and her orgasm began to swirl. A second finger followed the first one and it was there.

"Ooooh," she moaned.

"Come for me, baby," Carmilla whispered biting into the side of her neck.

Roberta tried to twist around, scared by the sudden turn of events but passed out quickly.

Afterwards Carmilla could still taste her on her lips as her tongue flicked across them again. She caught her refelction in the broken glass. Satisfaction was written all over her face, but so was arousal. She wanted the blonde, but the hunger had taken hold like always. She slowly and deliberately eased her hand under the hem of her dress and down inside her panties.

She desperately tried to conjure up an image of Laura, but all she could see was Kerstin's voluptuous body, and the way she'd made love to Laura the other night. What had she said?

"Did you enjoy licking my pussy, Laura?" Kerstin asked smiling.

It was impossible to contain the growl that emerged from her mouth.

She opened her legs and leaned against the wall. She pushed a finger inside her wetness like a knife through butter and her orgasm started.

"I want you both..." she groaned.

She moved around, frustrated by the lack of sex in the last four months.

"I must have sex...soon..."

The immediate sexual charge and release was almost overwhelming. She sat on the ground crying for a while after. Then she stood up, grabbing her jacket.

"I'm sorry, Roberta, but I had to feed," she whispered.

She walked by the little shops lined along the streets. It was just after seven o'clock. Where could she sleep tonight?

Little had Carmilla known that Caroline had seen her leave the alley, beneath the shop window. She had observed both women enter the alley, and only one come out alone.

"I wonder who she is?" Caroline said looking over at the brunette as she walked past her.

She gazed at the woman's body and noticed it was quite voluptuous. Could this be the killer of the women in the villages? It crossed her mind, but she wasn't sure if anyone would believe her. Instead she decided not to speak of it to anyone.

She felt little pinpricks of nervous energy cover her body. The woman was looking her way. She moved back under the shop's doorway, trembling with fear.

"Who are you?" Carmilla said quietly.

Caroline was so nervous the sweat fell down her face. It took much effort not to start screaming.

"Come here, girl!" Carmilla commanded.

Talk about being in a place at the wrong time...

"No," she whispered. "I can't move..."

"Okay, I'll come to you," Carmilla said walking across the street.

"I didn't mean to spy on you," Caroline said in her sexy french voice.

Carmilla's laugh was warm German sounding.

"I didn't mean to, really, mademoiselle," Caroline said shaking.

"How long were you standing here?" Carmlla asked.

"Not very long," Caroline said looking away.

"How old are you?" Carmilla asked curiously.

"I'm nine-teen," Caroline said, shaking inside.

"Don't be afraid," Carmilla said reaching up to touch her face.

"Don't kill me," Caroline pleaded.

"Who said I was going to do that?" Carmilla asked leaning forward.

"You killed that woman didn't you?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, I had to eat sometime," Carmilla laughed.

"Eat? You ate her?" Caroline asked shocked.

"Well, not exactly," Carmilla whispered near her ear.

"What did you do?" Caroline couldn't help asking.

"I sucked all the fluids out of her body," Carmilla said licking her face.

"What?" Caroline said loudly.

"I wanted to fuck her, but the hunger got hold of me," Carmilla said looking at her.

"You're really... a..vampire?" Caroline asked with shock.

"I'm Carmilla," she whispered. "And you are my second supper."

Caroline hurriedly ran down the street screaming in terror.

"Shut up, girl!" Carmilla said running after her.

"Leave me alone!" Caroline said running into another alley.

Carmilla's laughed with glee.

"You can't hide from me, Caroline!"

"I won't tell anyone," Caroline began to explain."I was there in the bar earlier-"

"Sorry darling," Carmilla interrupted her voice suddenly cold. "I can't have you telling anyone what you saw."

"Please, don't hurt me," Caroline pleaded, holding up both hands.

One hand rose to her breast, her fingers caressing Caroline's sensitive nipples beneath her white dress. What had started as a slow tease had quickly turned into an uncontrollable frenzy. The women kissed passionately beneath the stone building.

"Who's out there?" a man's head peered out one of the windows.

"Mind your own business!" Carmilla yelled.

Caroline run back out onto the road, and head back to her cottage. Hurrying she opened the door and slid inside. She checked herself in the mirror. There was not bite marks on her throat. The jacket was torn in more than one place. Her nipples hardened at the thought of the gorgeous brunette.

"She can't be a vampire." she whispered, removing her jacket.

She studied the thick material, turning it sideways, the triangular strip of white was shredded. Caroline threw the jacket into the garbage can. She felt her nipples rise further. Was it the fact that she was in danger by the gorgeous woman that turned her on? She hadn't been kissed by anyone before.

"God, she sure kissed me," she whispered, touching her lips.



waw .. Is that the end ? I was reading n didn't realise It's end of the story .. Wish the Lesbian Vampire Killer (movie) has the same script , coz waw though ur story kinda make me blushed in red but I had to say It's a good story .. I love vampires storylines. Good work Laura


Hi Ella, no that's not the end of Carmilla's Kiss. She will be in eight books. Was going to write five but some women on here loved the read..so decided to keep going..lol. Thanks for reading..and will let you know when it comes out. Laura

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