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Hypothetical Question--a poem - Your WRITES

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This is a poem I'm working on for a local open-mic night this upcoming Monday. Let me know how I can improve this.

Can I ask you a question?
Just a hypothetical question.

Suppose I told you
that I’m not who you think I am?
What would you say
if I said one day,
“You know what?
I kinda like girls . . .

. . . and boys?”

Hypothetically speaking,
of course.

Would you toss me and my things
into a garbage bag
and throw me out
on the side of the road
for the garbage man?
Would your partings words be,
“No son of mine
is gonna be a queer?”

Would you move away from me
if I tried to sit next to you at lunch?
Would I have to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich
by myself in the bathroom?
When you walk past me in the hallway,
would you mumble “faggot”
under your breath?

Would you scoot away from me at church?
Would you deny me the bread and wine
and instead tell me to come back
after I’ve prayed away the gay?

Would you throw the ring
back in my face and scream,
“Don’t talk to me
until you’ve made up your mind
what you want?”

Would you beat me
and leave me hanging on a fence
to die?

Hypothetically speaking,
of course.

Or . . .

Would you still allow me
to call you my family?
When I’m about to get my face
pounded in,
would you shout, “Hey,
leave that kid alone!”
Would you fling your church doors
open to me and baptize me
with love and acceptance?

Would you walk hand in hand
with me at Pride Day
and sing “We Shall Overcome?”
Would you shout from the rooftop,
“I love my bi guy!” until
your voice was shot?

Hypothetically speaking,
of course.

Why do I ask?

No reason.