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are looks the most important thing - Gay Guys! <3

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u see im not the best looking guy round im not completely ugly but also im not thin now ive herd people say u cant jerk off over personality no u cant but ive dated people who arent so good looking and ive been able to jerk off easy cause i find them attractive

but what im asking is what do u think about this i am a person who dosent care about looks i look out for personality if u get someone one whos hot then its a bonus

what do you say ?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never forget that. Just as ones man meat is another mans poison. What I may find attractive you may find abhorent. If the person makes you happy and fits your needs wants and desires (as long as they are of legal age) then what differenc does it make what others think.



I think that you have it all just about right. lol, Tommy, xxx


I look for personality, now call me shallow but I believe there needs to be a bit of physical attraction from you to even kiss that person.
Personality is the MOST important thing when looking for a relationship, looks are a bonus.
I dated a guy solely on his looks and we didn't last long at all cause, well... We had nothing in common and couldn't keep a conversation going.
Myself, I look out for a guys a personality but also I need to have physical attraction to someone to be able to date them.
So looks is not the most important thing, personality is.
As long as you have a great personality, you'll do just fine


Danny you are so right, looks do not make up for personality, The guys I fall in love with are the ones we have a laugh with first, and then love follows. Like you said if ther hot it's a bonus,


well i am going to cause trouble, i would seperate this item into 3 sections
1 if looking for a hot guy, for sex, then looks are unimportant, and its just meat.
2 if looking for love, then sex is not the no1, but friendship leading to a relationship.
3 If a guy, came onto me and didnt treat me like a piece of meat, and wished to spend a lot of time and company together, and not play around, and had a resonably personality, then looks are unimportant, and i felt he could be trusted, and not want to own me, and tell me what & whatnot to do, then mabey he would have a chance.


Hahaha well Allan putting it that way, mmmmm yea I agree. But only if you enjoy the casual sex,


I don't think it matters Danny as long as you are happy and find a guy that is compatible with you, and likes you for who you are is all that matters.


i agree love does notb include the physical appearence alone but the heart and mind of the person is what can draw u in

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