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A Romanced Fantasy - Gay Guys! <3

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If you claim that you don't want something then why call for it?
Miles apart yet I feel, I SENSE, you calling for me
I sense that your lost. Trapt. Invisible.

You claim that you love him but find yourself looking for me in a crowded room
Hoping to see me for the very first time

Wanting to hold onto me and never let me go
I sense you dreaming about me, being the best time of your whole life
Needing to express yourself, but you can't find a way too.

You took one glance at my pictures, and saved them
Saved them so that you'll always remember who I am
You caught yourself. Caught yourself slipping into a depresion.

After realizing you just finished a bottle of wine
In a candle lit room hoping that no one can see you
Yet you know in the bottom of your heart, you want to scream

Scream at the top of your lungs that you love me.
But a voice keeps interfearing, throwing you off track
With a statement, 'It's just a false fantasy!'

(Comments are MOST welcome, plus any new ideas are welcome too!!!!!!!)


Yes,i think that you have come across,O.K. Well done. lol.


Yes it is True.and you are Welcome. lol. Tommy,xxx


Very Nice Kyle, I Love It.


That was very good you said it like alot of feel at times so keep it up Kyle you are doing good



Kyle, I really liked it!

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