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Homophobia NOT HOT! (Richards take!) - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay, moment of madness here, I've made a video that has been inspired my Lex Gabore.
Now guys, this is my first ever video I have made that features me, so my accent is mega welshie and maybe hard for you to understand and my microphone isn't all that good, so if you want to watch me go on about Homophobia, if you want to see me, or if you just want to hear my accent then by all means watch the video, please be kind with your comments, it's my first video! D:



I've just got back from a History FIled trip and I listened to this. It made me cry!! Every bit of it is true and it makes me realise why I am so scared to come out and just how hard it is going to be when I do. Well done Chud.


Why Why Why does no-one hear my screams
As I am cut by what you do and say?
But you don't know the pain and fear you cause.
I want to speak, but how do I find the way?

I'm not mature and wise with memories in store.
I am still young and yet to live my life.
What does the future hold but fear and hate:
Better to end than lead a life of strife.

Confused and lonely, mixed up, scared, alone
Fate, God, not me, made me the way I am.
I've done no wrong, hurt no-one but myself.
I was happy once, then puberty, and WHAM.

You don't have to hate me, call me names
I do that to myself, more than you could try.
You mix, make friends, enjoy both life and love,
I stay alone, unwanted: and I cry.

Will I forever have to live a lie?
Life's what you make it, that I know's not true.
My life's best ended, it's a living hell,
Not made by me, my friend, but made by you.

You don't know me, do you really care?
As I am cut by what you do and say.
I want to speak, to make you understand,
At fifteen how can you tell the world you're gay?


Richard, I love, love love your accent but nfortunatelu, uit was a barrier for me in understanding what you had to say but I did get the gist of it and agree with you. Waiting to hear your next "rant"..lol and by the way you are so friggin cute that I would listen to anything you recorded and hopefully after a whileI will get used to your accent and I will understand everything you have to say. )



I have just watched you Vary first video,and i think that you have got your message over O.K.. ( Well Done ). lol. Tommy,xx
I also think that you have a vary nice Welsh accent,too. lol. xxx


PS Richard: thank you for introducing me to lex gabor, he is fabulous!


I also think that you have come over,Vary well too. lol.


I am SORRY but homophobia will ALWAYS be a battle that'll be continued being faught until the end of time! It's more than apparent and OBVIOUS that no one want's to except change, yet they're all wondering why their children are comitting suicide.

I can't help but to say, "Gee! I wonder the FUCK why!?"

This so-called, "society," needs to be knocked off it's chair and needs to realize that we're all human beings, human beings that have sensitive feelings.

I hope and pray everyday for a change, sadly, it's looking like a false sense of reality... I mean, how much more bluntly can we get, when asking just for one thing, and that's called - ACCEPTANCE!

It's called, no longer living in fear, judgement, or hatered, or even death!

As I've mentioned before, it's only a fantasy for world peace.

Take a look at our Bill of Rights, for example - THEY'RE NO LONGER IN EFFECT, IT'S JUST WAITING TO BE VETOED OUT OF COMMISION.

Which now means that the military has full force to intarigate us, to arrest us, to question us, all without a cause. IF they believe that you, or me, is a tarroist, they can KILL us, on spot, without even remotely asking.

I just LOVE living in a New World Order. Thank you, Obama, and thank you, Congress, for pissing on my leg without even calling it rain!

This is why I believe that we will NEVER HAVE equal right's, for as long as we're breathing...


On another note:

We can bitch, and bitch, and bitch, about wanting acceptance, but we're never going to get it.... Homophobia is a LIFE LONG battle that we're gonna have to fight.

The Government knows what we want and need, yet they refuse to do ANYTHING about it.

How it is that they sleep at night, is beyond me.

I'd love to put someone in office on minimum wage, and see if he/she get's pissed, this way they'd understand what it's like living on a fixed income everything month.

This way they'll understand what it's like waiting for your foodstamps to load on the 6th of each month, when your welfare check is already spent for bills and what little important items that you could get.

Yeah, it's hard as fuck.... Trying to get a job, guess what....... That IS a job.

China already owns us. They're waiting on us to slip up, so that they can pull the plug and take us over. Must be nice.

Lemme guess. Everything will just, "seem" normal when they take us over? Everything will, "get better"?

I don't think so....

I'm tired of living in a constant state of fear, and waiting for Wall Street to crash any second. I'm done.


that was good video Richard well done,u made the point very well,and that accent is sexy


Richard, really well done for the video. You got your view across so well and with great sincerity. So important to get this message across. Also so good to see you live, hear your voice and watch your body language as you speak. Thanks so much for taking the brave step to face the webcam and say your piece....and thanks to Lex Gabore for inspiring you to do it.


Kyle, I feel as if you're saying we should stop fighting the battle...
If we stopped fighting then we wouldn't have any rights left, if people didn't fight in the past then we would still be getting killed for being gay.
I have no idea what's going on the US, but I live in the UK, if we stopped fighting then all the rights that people in the past fought for will be flushed down the toilet, what a waste, 50 years has gone by since being gay was finally made legal here, and if we just lay down and play dead all it will take is one Homophobe to stand up and then BANG, homosexuality will be illegal again, you may be happy to lay down and play dead and wait for homosexuality to be made an arrestable offence but as you can see by my video and Lex Gabore's video we are NOT sitting down, if we didn't fight in the first place we wouldn't have any rights, we're fighting to keep our rights!
End of discussion, end of rant, thank you


liked ur vid richy and thought you have a very kool accent,i understood it pretty ok....welll...theres always going to be predudise (spelling?),not just towards the gays but a whole lot of other things bout our fellow humans,just something that is here,and fighting and standing up in voice is what brings change,and you look so much a turn on when you speak with that kool accent..lol..,be at peace my matey.


im with dean its hard to tell people who cant find it in themselves to come to realization that people are who they are and want what they want they think their decision is best when its not


Richard, I'm not laying down for ANYBODY! I'm simply stating that it's going to be a LIFE-LONG battle, for gay rights! Nothing more, nothing less, on top of being tired of constantly having to fight, when it's not needed or desired!

Am I the only gay man that's tired of fighting for gay rights and equality!? Am I the only one who's tired of all the gay-murders, and wrongful deaths of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-sexual, human beings?!

To simplify it - The US Government isn't and will NOT legalize homosexuality, because for one (1): "It's not good for politics," and for two (2): "It goes against Biblical standards, and we just simply can't have it or allow it."

However, I AM thankful that it is at least being brought to people's (A.K.A.: the, 'government's') attention, but sadly it's very OBVIOUS that they don't want to do anything about it, because they (and again, A.K.A.: the US 'government'), are afraid of, "Offending someone."

Okay! If they're SO afraid of, "offending" the heterosexual community, then how come homosexuals can't say, "Heterosexual marriage offends us!"?

None of that makes sense to me, anymore.


YES, you are the only gay man that's tired of fighting for gay rights and equality.
NO, you are not the only one who's tired of all the gay murders, and wrongful deaths of gay, lesbian, trans-sexual human beings!
You see the fact that you're not making your voice heard by doing your bit to make a world that's moving on just shows that you're laying down and letting the Government walk all over you, Americans maybe like that but not here in UK, if the Government piss us off we kick off, you must of seen the protest over the rising of the Tuition Fees.
Over here in the UK making a homophobic remark is now an arrestable offence and can result in a prison sentence even if it's saying their religious opinion, for example if someone says "all gays will perish in hell" they can be arrested and face sometime in jail, so god knows what's going on in America but I'm happy I live in the UK, a country that has opened it's eyes and has citizens who stands up to the Government and lay down and let them walk all over them.
That is all.


Kyle, you were effectively saying that the US government will never accept homosexuality or legalise gay relationships or behaviour. Don't you look back at the American Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King and others and see what changes were brought about for the African Americans in the US ? Don't you think that this showed the power of changing social attitudes. The Government ( Federal or State) will surely be influenced by the will of it's electorate, so isn't that the place to start - by changing people's feelings at the grass roots level......remember Stonewall etc. Keep fighting to change social attitudes and I hope eventually that laws will be passed to codify equal rights on all issues for all gay people.

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