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Will you say I love you, 'cause I want to play
Still with your curls, and kiss the time away.
Shall I blame Cupid, because I can't devise
Some playful sport, to please those beautiful eyes.

By love's precious words, I must confess it,
The most tender Sonnet, when I express it.
Large smiles finds time: full baskets are ever found
To give (if any, yet) but bouquet of red roses.

Deep thoughts are noiseless here; and this I know,
That warm streams betray true love below.
So when love is speechless, it doth confess
A depth of love, and that depth, bottomless.

Now since my love is speechless, know this much,
I, who speak but little, 'cause I love you so much.
I dreamed that we lay in a bed of roses,
The warmth and sweetness held me there.

I kissed thee with panting breath, and I recall
'Tis night to pledge our love that is all.
But oh! if empty dreams so worry thee,
I'll give you my love on such nights as these.



Hi Jeanie, my dad used to quote Shakepsear a lot and was quite good at it. Must have some out in this poem. Glad you like it. I do actually have some Shakespear like poems, and got awards for them. I will post them on here for you, Laura

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