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Whats up guys!
For all of you that have been viewing me from here THANK YOU SO MUCH
I love you guys!
Anyways I posted up a new video its a valentines day poem I wrote for my girlfriend so Check it out and let me know what you think
You can also check her out at her blog, shes been writing short stories which are REALLY good. She recently posted the second part last night so if you have some time please check her out she'd appreciate it.
Also I am starting kind of like a trend. I will be posting a new video titled "Dear future girlfriend" its pretty much about knowing what you want in a girl or GUY you can title is dear future boyfriend
Pretty much your dream girl/guy, everything that you need NOT want.
I will be posting that video today on my youtube. u guys can do video responses to it. I will be all of them on my next video also I already posted a "love poem" so if you want to show me something of you PLEASE DONT HESITATE to do a video response to it guys! I love poems and I would LOVE to hear some of yous It would be AWESOME
if yo If you haven't subscribe please subscribe I love supporters and I can't do it without you guys. So please help?
Mucho amor

Love poem link:

Girlfriends blog:

Youtube Channel:



Hi checked out your sites(very interesting) and liked the poem you done for your girlfriend. I'm a Romantic poet and Author. Laura

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