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Tell Congress: Stand up for women! - The Gay Christian Network

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Within hours, the U.S. Senate could vote on a measure that could give any insurer or employer the right to refuse people coverage for any health care service required under the Affordable Care Act. All they'd have to do is cite undefined "religious beliefs or moral convictions."
Full Story; The radically broad Blunt Amendment would roll back access to birth control. But that's not all. Coverage for maternity care, testing for HIV, mental health services, screening for cervical cancer — any or all of these services could be denied to people if this dangerous measure were to become the law of the land.

The Blunt Amendment is just the first of what we expect to be many similar attacks. We have to recognize these attacks for what they are — blatant attempts to redefine religious liberty as the ability to impose one's religious beliefs and convictions on other people.

Go Here to cast your support and say NO!


You may have to cut and paste that https, but the issue here is worthy of your time and every woman in this country will be blessed and glad you did and the young will grateful to all of us,

Many Blessings,

PS, If you are going to cas't your support please it quickly because we are almost out of time. . . Thanx!


Okay I tested the link in my first message and it doesn't work. . .
Let's try this lnk. Hopefully this will carry the https into the post.;

Urge them to actively oppose the Blunt Amendment's efforts to let employers and insurers impose their beliefs on the rest of us.



OKay. . .That didn't work either.

Here's the link to; ACLU https://secure.aclu.org/site/Donation2?df_id=5681&5681.donation=form1&s_src=UNW120001C00&s_subsrc=utility_join&cr=1

It's up to you. . .

But, when I read the, Tell Congress: Stand up for women!, article it reads like a slap in the face because of how the entire ruling effects the "Entire gay community. . .Men and women alike. This is a sleezy backdoor magic trick and we're in trouble if it passes.

I hope this link goes through. . .



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