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im the sad girl in the corner
i should be happy and full of joy
i ourter.
im so poor i dont even have a quarter.
alone on a day like this
and i ever wanted was one kiss,

i blame the pain i felt as i was a kid,
lied thr umy teens and just fibed.

i have no conchence,
my heart is dence.

no one knows wat its like to be me
as ur r all so free
trapt in my mind
lost and never can be found.

i can hear the sound out side
laughter and giggles
shaking and wiggles.

dont cry amber be strong and carry on..

come find me someone plz
ease me thru these times
i made no crimes
only a crime inmyself.
should i let myself fall
and crawl bak up to the top.

im sick of these pictures in my head
i remember the words that he said.
your fat ugly bitch
now i hav a twitch in my heart i fell apart.
hate men
i cant be mended
i sended a lost bottle in the sea
and now i see
i gotta be free
some how some way

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