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I woiuld like to recommend this movie to everyone you can watch it on youtube - The Gay Christian Network

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Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 1 of 6
In "Prayers for Bobby," Mary Griffith is a devout Christian who raises her children with the conservative teachings of the Presbyterian Church. However, when her son Bobby confides to his older brother he may be gay, life changes for the entire family after Mary learns about his secret. While Bobby's father and siblings slowly come to terms with his homosexuality, Mary believes God can cure him of what she considers his 'sin' and persuades Bobby to pray harder and seek solace in church activities in hopes of changing him. Desperate for his mother's approval, Bobby does what is asked of him, but through it all, the church's apparent disapproval of homosexuality causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed. Guilty over the pain he is causing Mary, Bobby moves away, yet hopes that someday his mother will accept him. His subsequent depression and self-loathing intensifies as he blames himself for not being the 'perfect' son and is driven to suicide. Faced with their tragedy, Mary begins to question her faith when she receives no answers from her pastor concerning her devastating loss. Through her long and emotional journey, Mary slowly reaches out to the gay community and discovers unexpected support from a very unlikely source. The film is based on the 1995 Leroy Aarons book of the same name.


I hope this may help some people and please share it with those who need help, and I hope the community here will like it as well.


Great thing to share. I, personally, liked the movie for being bold about Christianity and gayness.


Thank you Rob. I think it show how "religion" can be a "sickness", while true faith and love, understanding and discerning prayer, can be a eye, heart, and spirit opener. The Movie pretty much hits on mostly everything, that can go wrong, when parents, blame themselves, and do not remember the old adage: "Never stop learning". It was also interesting to note that the gay MCC Pastor had more of a grip on things about the Bible and God, then her or the families own church did. The other thing(s) to note is that it is based on a true story, and that although this story came to light, there are hundreds of thousands just like it, that don't make it into the headlines, until recently, and then only a faction makes the news. I applaud Sigourney Weaver for having the courage to do the movie, Sigourney Weaver Acceptance Speech PRAYERS FOR BOBBY 21st Annual GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS Youtube video http://youtu.be/_EanpyqoTYE. Thank you for your input. and for watching the movie, here is a song, for a song writer & singer Jake Walden Be you...it's worth it...(The Trevor Project) - Jake Walden - http://youtu.be/pxTjhez7QvM He states : Uploaded by JakeWaldenMusic on Oct 19, 2010

To all the kids who dare to be different simply by being who they are...What I want to say is something so simple yet so true. To live outside the lines, to paint your life with colors never seen before, to show our faces and reveal our names, to be YOU...this is a life lived in meaning and in truth. This is not always the easiest life, but it is always always worth it. You matter. You, though lonely, though tormented and put down, harassed and misunderstood, YOU are my hero. I am proud of you, proud to know that such strength exists in this world. You are not broken. You will not be remembered for what you said or what you did, but instead for how you made people feel. You may not know it today, in fact, today your life may feel so dark, so hopeless and defeated that your young heart may see no way to freedom...you may think that life is no longer worth it. But it is. You are so important and it is always worth it. Who am I to tell you? Who am I daring to ask you to believe me when I say that I have been there; I have been in your dark? I'm just a guy who's been there and made it through. They may have hated me once. They didn't care. They are so afraid of their own mediocrity that they feared who we dare to think we can be...NO, who we are. Don't give up. Stand tall and reach out. There is so much love in this world, so many eyes and ears and voices yearning to know you. Wake up Dreamers, Mothers, Fathers, neighbors and friends, for each of us in our own way is responsible for each other. Make known to all those lost that you care...and listen. Sometimes it's easier to share your deepest secrets, fears, hurts and questions with a stranger. Please take a moment to check out www.thetrevorproject.org I don't have much, but I pledged to give a portion of every dollar given to support me and my dreams, exactly as I come, to The Trevor Project, because I believe what they do there is important. Please consider supporting The Trevor Project. I want young people to know about it, because even one Dreamer lost is one too many. . The greatest gift in life is hope. Peace, be you, Jake"
In times of trouble, we should understand we have each other, unlike, when I was growing up thinking that I was actually the ONLY homosexual in the universe, something which has still left it's scares even to this day. The least society can do to try to make up for all the pain, hurt and loss of life, is to give GLBTQ full protection under the law, housing employment and yes even marriage. Thank you again Rob.


Hey Andre,
How do I get part 2-6? So far this is good? Thank you so much for sharing!


Prayers for Bobby
I have the other links here, (But generally speaking you would begin with the movies name and then add in progression like so: Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 1 of 6 then Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 2 of 6 , Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 3 of 6, Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 4 of 6 and so on. Please note that many times the following sequence will be in the boxes, just run your curser over the windows and their names should appear, once you go from full picture to the smaller frames)
But in charity (Love) I have listed the other links here for you:
Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 1 of 6 http://youtu.be/SZLWmFEl9e8
Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 2 of 6: http://youtu.be/ek-RxrMgDec, Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 3 of 6:: http://youtu.be/nFozJdTmiUw, Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 4 of 6: http://youtu.be/RxPUA1Jxg7U,. Prayers for Bobby Part 5 of 6, http://youtu.be/Ey86gAKJuaw, Prayers for Bobby Part 6 of 6, http://youtu.be/kCAYbImNldM
This is the same for that other movie about This isn't the movie, but a Documentary :A Biographical Study of Hildegard, Part One http://youtu.be/OLCm_zS9Gko. For the movie you'll need Netflix, or rent it from Amazon.com, or even it might be at your local library.

One other thing did occur to me, that sometimes when we suffer a Loss of a loved one, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter, or some other charitable work, but do so with love and devotion, in the name of the loved one you've lost and offer every moment of your work as such in love to Christ in the name for your loved one who has passed. This does two things. One gives our sorrow a vent or avenue and we can put that energy, to good use for others in the name of the one we've lost. Two, keeping busy helps, (sometimes we feel guilty that they have been called and we are still here. Trust in God, knowing that not even the leaf of a tree falls without His knowledge or consent.
Be at peace
With love.
Your brother in Christ
Anthony of Portsmouth+++++++++++++

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