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i never had a dad
im sad and glad.
he ran away
b4 i can remember
he never see me grow up
he never seen me cry
my mum said he was an alcoholic
he makes me sick
all my life ive lied to myself
and hated men so much
but never really nown y
wen men touch
i feel sick in my health.
i tryed to die
i tryed to hide

now im stronger
and this feeling will last longer,
never going bak to the dark space of my mind
i will let the sun shine
in to my face and eyes
i have grace in my cries
to shout out im only human and need to have love and become free as a dove.

must be hard to control ur own lies
cant play this game on ppls emotions.
dont cry in my arms coz i dont care for u
u left me ther all alone with out any hope.

but im here
talking about it all
im not the fool anymore
i still abit insecure
but i found my cure
is a girl i met
she set my heart again from the start.
now i dont think i will fall apart.
i never like anouther person this muh b4
as i never trusted b4.
now im sure i can lead a normal life and soul
without falling down the dark dep hole.
i now have a goal


That's really moving, Amber. A beautiful poem. I wish you real well with the girl you met. Hope u are both really happy together. X

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