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Good Movies - Gay Guys! <3

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ok so far I've watched and liked these gay films so far and if you haven't watched them...then i think you should take a look...i've watched them on netflix...

-Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros
-Wild Reeds

and as i mentioned in my discussion titled Hatred...i can't say this documentary film was good...because there was nothing good about it...but i can only say it was interesting...

-Fall From Grace


i love this


Only have seen Macimo Oliveros. There are a LOT of very pro gay non-porn flicks out there.. Perhaps again we need to create a list for them.


yea i prefer the gay films that don't have a lot of sex...because it's not as if our lives revolve around sex...we're also capable of love...i've only seen about two movies that had sex in them...and they were ok...but i didn't find them as good as the ones i just mentioned...

-David's Birthday
-Rag Tag (Rag and Tag)...something like that...

i begin to wonder if the gay films are really gay films...cuz i started watching this one movie called Dare...and i didn't finish watching it...maybe i should...but it didn't really seem like a gay film...but well how would i know if i don't watch the whole film right???...but i don't know...there are some that don't look like they would be a gay film...and yet they're on the Gay and Lesbian film genre...there's these 2 horror/thriller movies on there...one is called the Freeway Killer and the other is called Dahmer...they look kinda scary and yet they're on the same genre too...i'll probably watch those too at some point...lol...i'll let you know if they're good...


Thank`s for all those Movie Title`s, see if i can`t watch them all in the U.K. ??, lol, Tommy,xxx


I hope so,Jony, lol. Tommy,xxx


I've seen Wild Reeds(Les Roseaux Sauvages) i think, lol. good movie


i'll see if they have it on netflix...i only have the instant streaming...