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last night i was watching this documentary...i don't know how many of you have seen it...i can't say you should see it...cuz it's not as if the message of the movie was about anything good...but it opens your eyes...if they're not already open...it's called Fall From Grace...it's pretty much about how this guy Pastor Phelps and his church preach about hatred...some anti-gay...but mostly about how we should fear God and how he hates the sinners...now i've only seen a protest once at a community college...both christians and the lgbt community were protesting...but what i saw in this movie...was a whole different thing...not only do they have the nerve to promote hatred towards the lgbt community...but also towards honoring dead troops...and saying we should thank God for 9/11 because it was a sign saying we need to repent...and every dead soldier is going to hell...blah blah blah...at the time of this documentary 2,100 soldiers had died in Iraq...and he said he wished that it would've been too many and not 2,100...but for me the worse thing wasn't that they were promoting this hatred...because they were adults...but they also involve their children in this message of hatred...one kid said that he feels so angry when they call them names...he feels so angry that he wants to kill them...but he can't cuz God has to kill them...that's what the kid said...and the parents have taught the kids to refer "fags" as "evil beasts"...the parents excuse of involving their children is because they have the right to practice their religion and beliefs however they want...just like any other person on easter, halloween, or christmas...i find it sad...sad that they're drowning in hatred...and more sad that they're dragging the children into it...and i had a rollercoaster of feelings...i was shocked, then angry...and once i saw the kids...i felt sad...and i asked God to shelter the kids...the adults are already filled with so much hate...and the kids are just beginning...but i asked God to one day show they who he really is and what his true message is...so that they don't continue walking down the dark path their parents are walking...i was glad to know that 4 out of the 13 children of the pastor...had left that church and pretty much cut off the ties with that family...so there is a hope that some will realize and leave this cult of hatred...because that's what it is...it's not a church...one lady has been so scarred that she hasn't attended church in 16 yrs...this was back in 2006...i can only hope that God healed her wounds and she made her reconnection with God...i don't attend church every sunday...so i can't say i'm super religious about it...but well i do have my beliefs...and i belief even the worst sinner is worthy of forgiveness should they choose to ask for it...again i'm not gonna say this was a great movie...but it was interesting enough that it opened my eyes to how people hide behind the "message of God"...to promote something in which God doesn't take part of...because God does not hate and punish...He loves and forgives...


jony, iam glad your eyes are open this is nothing new look at obamas preacher and the things he said his anti white commetrrs were raceist and hea a man of the cloth. look at groops like the kkk, panthers. neo nitzis, just a few groops thay preach and prastic hate, my brouther was killed becuse he was native ite out there and we have to live with it ., i could never understand how someone can preach the bible to ya but than hate you call you a sinner and evil becuse your gay or of a differant relegon from tham telling me iam going to hell. hideing behind god been going on for centerys its in history i just hope that there are many outhter to teach the younger people the right thing



The Reverend Fred Phelps is one scary mofo. I don't think Kevin Smith's film "Red State" is far off from this whacko's group.


Jony you are so right. God will judge Phelps when his day comes. A couple years ago there was a funeral here in Marblehead, Mass for a fallen soldier. Phelps said he was coming to protest. Well the Hells Angels met his "entourage" at the town line and told him they either were to leave or else. They tried to claim it was their right. The "angels" told them the rights of the deceased doldier and his family trumped theirs and if they wanted toruble to just try to keep going. They turned around and left. ON anotehr occassion I believe he was in P-town. Phelps was told if he OR his people caused so much as ONE complaint they would be arrested for disturbing the peace. And the judge in the nearby court told them he would be OUT OF TOWN for several weeks and they would be held in jail AND assessed all costs to feed and guard them. They cancelled the protest. Simply they need people to stand up to them. Dont get violent, Thats what they want. Simple stand up to them and keep them away. Many police dept's have done that and it's been kept out of the news as Phellps and his people have little outside support.
God DOES forgive. Trust me. I made some horrendous errors in my life and finally found forgiveness...

God loves us all in spite of ourselves.


oh thanks Dave you reminded me of something too...i saw clips of when they were on the news...and you know the media sometimes needs to back off...because they tend to give some people too much attention when they clearly don't deserve it...but at the same time i get it...cuz we need to be aware of what type of people are out there...i've always known about hate groups...and have seen a few clips here and there...but i think that i become really sensitive on the matter when children are involved...because they shouldn't have to go through these things...because they unknowingly allow people to take away that innocence and replace it with a raging hatred...i once heard a song from a spanish singer whose song was about kids being made into soldiers and killed...which has been the only song so far to make me cry...because it is sad that they don't need to be around that...and their lives are lost for an unworthy cause...because any type of war good or bad is an unworthy cause to me...and it leads back to my belief that all life is sacred...including the lives of those who walk down a dark path...you know when the daughter of Phelps said she felt unworthy of God, that he wouldn't listen to her because she was a woman...it took me back to my days of struggle...i used to feel that way myself...i felt that i was unworthy of life, that God was ignoring me because i was gay...i felt that i was unloved...who knew that i was so wrong???...lucky for me i ended up finding out quite the opposite...people can say that i'm going to hell all they want...but you know what...in my head i'm thinking..."maybe i'll see you in heaven if you're lucky enough to get there yourself...that way i can see the look on your face..."...and it makes me smile and even sometimes laugh...and the sun has started to shine outside just as finished typing that last line...so i guess i must've wrote something right...lol...i'm glad there are people standing up to them...and as you said Dave...more people should stand up to them in a non-violent way...in fact...i believe people should protest their protest in a peaceful matter...instead of feeding them anger...people should stand right there in front of them with the true message of God...show them that love is more powerful than hate and fear...so it sounds weird to some...but i believe that just as we love our friends...we must love our enemies as well...because there's not need to combat hate with more hate...because that will fuel their cause even more...they may ask their "God" to smite everyone...but I ask our God to spare them...funny how they hold on to these events as God's sign of being displeased with humanity...yet God shows us unconditional love because He is always merciful and as proof of that we continue to live another day...not to say that His mercy ends once we're dead...but well you get the idea...i just don't get how you can believe that God is about fear and hatred...well for those who aren't religious...i'm sorry for getting all religious on the topic...but well you don't have to really believe in God to have an opinion about what happens in the world...


I have locked horns with mister Phelps. I won't call him a man of the cloth because hate is not a christian ethic. I was doing a funeral for a soldier here in Ohio and he showed up. I told him his days in hell would be lengthy.


The perposes of this type of Documentary`s,i find,is to Wind peaple up big time. The more they can wind peaple up.the better they Like it with all there
Proper Gander, ect. The trick is,not to let it Upset/wind you up, if you can.
All though history, the church has been useing all these Fear tactict`s .
You will not stop it, but the only way to combat it is though Education.
So let`s Pray that the kid`s in this Documentary,will in the end,see through
all what they have been told and will then make there own mind up,though
Out side,Education. God will also forgive,because at this stage of there live`s
all these Peaple/Kid`s are all being Brain Washed, lol. Tommy.


its simple wherever there are religious nuts, stand up and dont take the abuse, and you dont have to go far, matthew black was doing it on here, and none of you stood with me against his hatred and bigotry, well he is gone now.
There was a petition on www.change.org against hatred on facebook by anti-gay groups, i wonder how many on here bothered.
No stand up for yourself, and mabey others will join you


really, he ran the catholic group on this site here on gays .com, first posting against equal marriage rights, 2nd posting all protestents are heritics
a group owner spouting official religious hatred on here, the same hatred that is used against the lgtb worldwide.
however he is now gone, but keep watch, others of that same faith are on here
and as i say stand against bigotry, and hatred worldwide,whether one is gay or not