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For every action there is a reaction
Im not quite sure who reacted first
but I know now after you I will never be the same.
I loved myself more than anything in this world
and I had never held a hand tighter than my own
but you smiled and waited patiently for the (used to be) incredible me.
We danced around eachother as we didn't see what was to be
but as a switch you turned me onto you as you turned onto me.
I never knew someone could make me love them so much
I loved you more than anything I know
and I never saw it coming, no, I never asked for you and I
But we just fit and we never wondered why
Now I'll never fill that hole again
that hole i never knew i had
When i fell in love with you I was finally complete
when i never knew I was missing that part
how dare you make me look around
to fill a hole i never asked to be filled from the start
how dare you take my beautiful life
everything I once knew is now gone
and I'll never smile the same
and I'll always feel this pain
and for what? love?
Thanks alot cause you screwed me all up


This is cleverly and beautifully written. It throws you for a loop too, I really thought it was about love, not loss... for the loss of yourself seemed alright in light of what you gained, but by the end of course I realized the outcome, which didn't justify the loss at all. If this is written from somewhere personal, I'm sorry. I hope you find yourself again and realize that wonderful you is still there, you're beautiful by yourself, no one can take that, just mask it... but masks only last as long as they do.
If it's not personal, way to go.... your writing touched me, for whatever that's worth.


well ty. it is personal. and no amount of writting, talking ,screaming, crying, whining or thinking has been able to help me let go of her. when u have managed to wrap your whole life around someone just to come and find that someone wasnt always gonna be there i think u kinda die inside. its been over a year since you would think id be a lil better off