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Baby I'm Yours - Poetry Group

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If you listen to the windmills of your mind
It says in a soft whisper, hello stranger.
Someday were gonna love again
The stars seem to say baby I'm yours.

How can I tell you on this special day
I gave you my fragile heart to keep?
How can I tell you on this special day
This girl needs some loving care?

Will you sing me a Lullaby for a deep sleep
Whisper you're my baby, until the end of time.
If you really love me, darling please say it
For you know I only love you forever more.

Let's not be strangers on an endless journey
Quit playing hide and seek with my heart.
Baby, I'm yours until the ocean runs dry
And the mountains move out of their time.

Sing me a Lullaby for a deep sleep
Tell me your mine, and I am yours.
It's not unusual for the stars to lip away
Sweetheart, make me belong to only you.

Friday February 10, 2012


Thank you Crystal, glad you enjoyed it. I actually wrote this for woman I met online who thought my words were..insulting her? Still don't get it. I write Romantic poetry and stories all the time and people love them. Laura


Yep, Laura i Love It


Thanks Richard..I'll have to write another for you all, Laura xox

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