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affection. - Gay Guys! <3

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When a boy has an affection for another boy,its a very beautiful feeling. true love differs from lust. if a boy loves another,it means that he loves him from deep within his conscience.That love is so powerful. a true love comes from affection,not lust. after affection comes only,lust starts to invade the heart. this affection and lust can make a strong bond between those boys. actually loving a person is a blessing to the person who's loved. loving is not a mistake. love lasts forever!


Not always that way round. SOmetimes it starts with liking a person and lust and then grows into a love so deep that words are not even necessary, just being with that person is bliss and you know what each other thinks and feels and you can finish each others sentences.

You cannot define love nor how it happens, it is wonderfully unique happening, different for everybody it touches



Are these the feeling`s what you are feeling for another ???.

If they are,then you have a vary Beautiful thing there and please hold onto
these Beautiful Feeling`s as long as you can. lol. Tommy,xxx


Love is like an ITCH. The more you scratch the bigger it gets. Love is different for each person. Its how they channel and express it. But I know from experience true love is hard to find.

There was a song in 1970 (It was NOT a hit but I loved it) called "WHEN YOU LOVE SOMBODY. The line continues "When you love somebody you love them with your body and soul. One without the other is a half love not a whole."
Wonder if ANYONE else ever hear the song. The group was the APOLLOS and it was on Colossus Records (here in the US). Considering some of the crap that were hits I have asked myself over and over WHY it got no airplay. Would have been a HUGE hit. Wish someone would redo it and make it a hit today.


I love Lust in the evening's, as i love for both of us 2 have Tremndous Sex, and then before we sleep, we snuggle up 2 each other, and passionatley make love nice and gently and tell my Partner just how much i love Him with lot's of caressing and Kissing.