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Thank you gay.com for giving me some gay friends. Now i wish to leave the site! - The Gay Christian Network

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I would like to thank the admin for having created such a lovely site. I met some gay guys here and we have managed to form a nice friendship.

We have decided to progress our friendship using facebook which means i will not be coming here anymore.For now, i am content. Maybe in future, i will reappear, not sure but who knows!

I enjoyed my time here and thus wish to say ciao!


Cold please check in with us here and let us know how you are doing...We will be looking forward to hear what has been going on..


Sorry to see you go although wish you all the best on the next step of,
youre journey.Love and Prayers Ian xxx


Hey Trisha, I've read your threads and even tho I wasn't able to respond at the time found your discussions interesting. Enjoy your new friends. There are some incredible people here............and never be afraid to come and ask for prayer because we do lift people up.

Ciao 4 now


I will miss you and your wise comments Cold Trisha! Please do stay in touch!


Glad to meet everyone; and I certainly hope your willing to accept a free gift. I'm presently giving away a free copy of my new fiction novel Professor Stanley Defends The Word of God. To get your copy contact me at matthew2229@hushmail.com

Look to hear from each and everyone of you.