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How do you pick up girls? - Lesbian Ladies

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I always get that look from girls, the one that says "Come get me," but I have no idea what to do. I'm a really out going person when I'm with my friends, but the minute I have to introduce myself to strangers, I just freeze up. Is there anyway to get them to come to me or do I just have to man up and go get them?


I'm not too sure about the "man up" bit - lol. If you can manage to be outgoing with your friends, I would suggest that you adopt the mindset that these girls are friends who just don't know that yet, and go for it


dont go with the hopes of a relationship, go with the aim of friendship. if u dont become gf's, well u got a new friend, and if u do, great.


@Nikki Lol! Maybe we should just start using woman up, or gay up, or something along those lines.

@Jessica Yeah. Right now I'm not look, nor am I not looking. Just what ever happens happens.

Thanks girls