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For the Bible tells me so Youtube movie in parts - The Gay Christian Network

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I hope this helps again


For the bible tells me so - Part 1 of 2 (change the 1 to a 2, then a three and so on)

God's love and His peace be with you, please share with those who may benefit from this.

Love In Him forever.



Greetings, Oran,
Please understand that I am not in any way disrespecting you by sharing the following. There is a difference between "sexual orientation" and "sexual preference". Sexual Orientation, is not a "choice" per say, to quote Lady Gaga: "I was Born this way". where as a person with a sexual preference has made a choice about who they are and who they want. I know a lot of people who come out of years of abusive relationships, with one sex, and decide that they have had enough, and look for a better support system among folks of the same sex, both men and women. That being said, it is my observation that sex really has little to do with domestic violence, GLBTQ or straight, you should really get to know someone, before you have sex with them and not have sex to get to know them, it is a hard lessen, that took me years to understand and accept. That someone being cute or handsome or masculine or have a killer body, doesn't make them a good person. I hope this next link may enlighten you and others, because when we talk about who we are to others, the way we perceive ourselves makes a difference in the way that they see us. However, some people will never change, and hopefully those who are stuck in their ways are a waste of our time and effort. I hope you find this link useful The Categories of Sexual Orientation in Law, Science, and Society - Part 1 http://youtu.be/n9qJU_cr1oQ As for me, I wrote this, it may or may not make sense to anyone but me, 1)" Love is a bad reason to hate." 2) "Love doesn't have a gender."
God Bless you, and I hope this helps or you can pass along to someone.


Oh yes, I totally agree with you. I should have put that "choosing" in inverted commas to highlight what we both believe - that being gay, etc. is not a choice. :-) My bad.

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