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Crush update - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay guys, you may remember me telling you all about this guy who I was secretly crushing on, well I haven't seen him in a while and I actually saw another guy I like, I've made a lot of progress with this new one tho, I've got him added on Facebook, we're in the same College, in the same building and have the same tutors, and I know he's gay!
We speak on Facebook a little, and I almost died on Friday 3rd February...
I had to do a Presentation on Lady Gaga that day, and when I asked a tutor if she'd like to come and watch she asked me if her class can come and watch, me stupidly said yes and my crush was in that class, so there I was doing my Key Skills Presentation in front of 3 tutors, my entire class and all of the Level 2's of which the cutest guy alive was in.
He seemed really impressed which cheered me up!
Problem is, I really don't think he's interested, so there's me falling for him and I really don't think it's mutual, so I'm going to bide my time and ask him out for a drink during the Half Term and see where that gets me.
Hey, Valentines Day is coming and that's when Venus the Goddess of love comes into my star sign, so lets hope


I wish you,Richard,all the Luck in the world,to you with this guy. I feel shaw that
the Goddess Venus will look after you,with this Crush. lol


Like i always said, Good luck, you will be ok


Keep in mind.. if you're attracted to him, and like him as a person, having him as a friend is still better than not having him in your life!
Several of my best friends over my life have been people I was interested in, who weren't interested in me "in that way"
You get used to be around them, and they tend to be very gracious about accepting compliments.

On the other hand, I do wish you luck! Hopefully he'll come around!


I would like him to be a friend if he's not into me that way


Rich just make sure he knows that first that you like to be friends and then see were it goes...


I can't add too much. Everyone has posted some very insightful words. Be careful with your heart. I have fallen for guys that I loved, but didn't love me back. They can be great friends or acquaintances.


Yep Rich, maybe he's a guy who like's 2 take thing's easy at first, well ye are talking on FB, and that's a pos, so i wish u the best in the World


Rich, I want the best for you. I have been in that situation several times. Once I ended up having sex with an ex-boyfriend of the guy I was in to and he found out. It turned into an embarrassing fiasco!


Please be careful!