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My Dad's Routine - Gay Guys! <3

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ok...this happens pretty much 80% of the time...my dad asks me to let him watch netflix on our PS3...he'll only stay awake if he's eating or muching on something...otherwise he falls fast asleep...like seriously in no more than 5 minutes and he's already snoring...so what is the point of taking me off my game if you're gonna fall asleep???...lol...i'll never understand this...but it makes me laugh tho...


Hey Joey, I woundn't worry about it, my dad used to do the same thing, he'd come home & want to watch something on TV & about 10mins into it he'd be asleep i used to make certain he was asleep & then change the channel to something i wanted to watch. usually about an hour to an hour & a half he'd wake up & wonder what was on & i tell him what he had been watching had finished about an hour before . he'd just say oh ok.


I don`t wanna worry you, but this what happen`s,to alot of guy`s,over
a certion age, ( not to all guy`s tho ). It`s not happening to me yet, ( Ha,ha,ha.) lol.


haha funny Colin...yep just like my dad...well it happens to my dad very often Tommy...well Neil...unlike those people i still move around and walk around...i can't stay sitting down too long...lol...and of course when i have my mom calling me to do stuff here and there...well i can't sit down and enjoy my game...but yea i could pretty much play a whole day...i think the most i've played in a day is 16 hrs...i don't really wanna go for the whole 24 hrs...i do realize i need to sleep...lol...