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what is she saying exactly? - Lesbian Ladies

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i really like this girl and we are friends, we get on fine and she have a lot in common, i can easily talk to her about my feelings and whenever we r together i feel so comfortable around her.


1) she says that she isn't gay but she has dated another girl before
2) i keep getting these vibes off her (flirting)
3) she isn't talking to me now because i have a crush on her, she says i need to be more independent, there's a big age gap (i am 19 and she's 22) i don't c a problem there at all
4) she says i need to come out of the closet (ok i'll give her that) and i need to express my emotions more and be more confident, but she knew that i was shy to begin with. I am a virgin so i'm not comfortable expressing anything!

:'| its heartbreaking because i feel used, i personally think its because she's found new friends and she doesn't wanna c me anymore x


Personnaly I've been in the same / similar possition. I'd suggest too just give her some space, think about how you feel about her, try think how she feels about you, then try contact / addressing her again. Maybe she needs to take things slow at first, pay her a few compliments but try not too mention the word 'love'.

If she's saying that you 'need to come out of the closet, if you are out and a pround lesbian, then maybe she's more used too / looking for someone who the second you meet them people know that your gay, but on the other hand, maybe she just needs too respect the fact that you are attracted too women not men, your proud of it, just you're not the sort of person who wants too 'shout it out', afterall you can be a private person afterall no matter what or who you're attracted too anyway. Hope this helps x


Sorry, but personally I found that when I was in the same possition, I found out that either she was no where near ready and that she needed too love herself / accept that she was gay and not take it out on me, or of course the fact that the woman that I love(d), was actually a player anyway. God that hurt like hell, but can't change people,m they are the way they are if like in my possition / experiance, the girl you love is the same as mine. I guess she would refuse herself of getting over her ex aswell, so that didn't help


#1 makes me worry, because if she refuses to admit to being gay, it's a way out for her if you confess and she's not ready.


Perhaps she was curious at the time you never know what she might say just don't be too full on all the time, because for some people it's too much you might get seen as an ass but, only time will tell just ask her or comment about little things like We would be a kick ass team/ couple it would be so funny we'd argue over this that and the other, just as a laugh, not everyones a player and not everyones ready to learn themselves but everyone has rights and you can't expect someone to come out as gay cause you don't want them to shoot you down. I guess.

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