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*ma= mum
*khabi kushi= happy times
*ghum= down
*tutty=shit/poo poo

yh boy, ma why won't you understand, im not a bad girl, im a bad man,
if you had a cape you'd look like batman, if you took all that off you'd look like a fat man,
i got 99 problems and my ma is one, stopped loving me at the age of 1, dhall for breakfast are you dumb?
Khabi kushi with you is ghum,
leaving me in tesco, leaving me in netto, you look like a black tele tubby.. EH OH!
your gonna headbutt me i can tell, i say 'why you spit in my food' you say 'oh well',
if i was shares bludz you would sell, stick to me like you are gel,
you remind me of that woman from 'drag me to hell',
this is serious, had a mega tron tutty, just had snickers gonna be nutty,
tryna get me married on skype, but serious bladrinez jam that hype,
you always complain, and you always moan, saying the same thing 'sami why you always on the phone?',
im always on the phone coz i have freindz it;'s not my fault your old and your freinds are dead,
yyh boi you heard me 'they are dead!'...
wot wot!


cool rap dude ;O x

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