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I laugh like you,
I cry like you,
I smile like you,
I hurt like you,
I hear like you,
I see like you,
But beacuse of the colour of my skin,
You think i'm nothing like you,
You don't think you let the TV think for you,You don't have a opinion but the media gives you a clue,
So you have so much hate, you want someone to blame,
But sterotyping an individual is an unfortante shame,
Never judge a book by it's cover,
Never hate someone because of an other,
Never believe in what you have heard, only believe in what you can see,
But don't hate and point a finger at me when there is three pointing back at you,
And yes i might look a bit different to you,
Yes I may believe in something different to you,
But please accept and acknowledge the fact that,
I'm only human..
Just like you...


baby i love you so much xxxx

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