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poem ... THE LAKE OF TEARS - Poetry Group

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A quiet moment to myself at noon.

Two butterflies which dance from tree to tree.

A soft wave crashing, others coming soon.

These simple things have their affect on me.

The midnight sun, a snowflake blown astray.

A flower floating on a river wild.

The moon sees its reflection on the bay.

Takes less for me to smile like a child.

A breeze to cool the sand beneath my feet.

The feel of his hand once more in mine.

Just what could be more natural, as sweet?

These simple things, they make me feel just fine.

Me sitting at the lake by which I cry.

These simple things in life - they get me by.


those simple things in life hepl us all get by, even if we do not know it.


Cry me a river when the water is near and no one will know or see that you've been here, and as it changes from day to day the river only knows who has sat there along its banks, to set a wandering mind, as the river floats on by. Contemplation and confused thoughts are watered down and drained out. Then as the sun hits the water to warm its belly, reaching higher in the sky, worries are melted away, and memories be quenched and float down the river of life.
You inspire me Devon!!
Liked your poem.


I could envision each line and the sensations they inspire. Thank you for the gorgeous piece.

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