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like people say love is so blind but don't blame me girl coz although iv tried,
all the colours around me are fading, i don't seem to like this feeling,
i used to see the moon and stars yea buh now the sky is so empty,
around me used be filled with laughters buh now this world don't get me,
i sit and watch the world go by, a million breaths, a million faces moves around me.. still i sit and cry,
how could you do this me...


The long and winding road of life. Sometimes your up and sometimes your down.
It just seems the emptiness we feel inside seems to last longer.
Time does heal all wounds. It's how we deal with misfortune that causes our destiny.
I always say after I am alone with no one in my life that next time will be better but then we tend to repeat history sometimes. It has only taking me 40 years to write a better ending and do it my way, accept things we cannot change, and realize the things we can. Once we stop fighting the feelings and the sooner we realize we cannot dwell as it is a waste of time, then we take action and hopefully do it better next time.
Good luck Sami