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A Tiny Bit Emotional Today... - Gay Guys! <3

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well this morning we took my sis to the airport...she was all set for boot camp...and i thought i was ok about her having to go and everything...and my emotions didn't hit me until we actually said see you later and then finally let some tears flow when we were in the car leaving the airport...she's gonna be gone for 5 months...which by the pace time has been going...they'll fly by super fast...but it still doesn't change the fact that she's not here...but well have no choice but to suck it up...i just hope she benefits in whatever way she can & come out a better, stronger person...so now she's in st. louis, missouri...


sending you my huggs and kisses mate xxxx


It will not be for Ever,my Friend, And before you know it, you will be
Reunited. again, lol.


I know it's hard. I went through boot camp several years ago, well back when I was in my twenties, and I know my father missed me being around. so my heart goes out to you, my friend. you will get through this.


thanks guys...yea time will fly...and she'll be back home before you know it...


Jony my prayers are with here as she goes through boot camp and in her travels..Remember she will see alot and meet alot of good people in the military...